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Established in 2005 Specialized In Ductile Iron castings State of the art infrastructure and facilities. 20,000 Sqft Built up area. All requirements under one roof. Project Start Date : April 2005 Production Start Date: September 2005.

The company supplies raw and machined castings in various carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and nickel based alloy grades to cater to critical applications in a diverse range of industries, in compliance with various international specifications.

IH Castings is an ISO 9001 certified company with approvals for a variety of marine and nuclear applications. Along with its affiliate, Electralloy Special Steel Castings, the company can accommodate a diverse portfolio of casting grades and sizes.

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Vision: To be a quality Batching SG iron foundry in the region to give total solution to all the needs of customer with best systems, practices with ethical work culture.


Mission: Have the state of the art infrastructure, facilities, dedicated workforce with highest morale and well established supply chain to grow fast year by year.


Quality Policy: M/s. IH Castings is committed to delivering high quality products and services, on time and at the lowest possible cost to the satisfaction and delight of our customers.

Assure that there is a clear understanding of the customers' needs and expectations. Adopt a quality-in-all-we-do philosophy and recognize each employee's responsibility for quality. Work to defined policies, procedures, and processes with an emphasis on continuous process improvement Monitor, control, analyze and improve the processes to optimize the investment in facilities & equipment to meet agreed performance levels. Perform timely and effective corrective and preventive action on identified or potential problems throughout the business process. Work with our suppliers and subcontractors to assure their products/services meet the same high standards that we set for ourselves. Strive to continuously improve the cost effectiveness of all our functions and processes. Enhance employees skills through training & career development and encourage a spirit of teamwork and high work force morale.
Specialized in manufacturing of Ductile iron castings CNC and Conventional Machining at vendors end. Products: Housings, Spindles, Casings, Hubs, Automatic Slag Adjusters, Differential Housings, Crankshafts, Automatic tool changer, housing Bearings.
Details Specifications
  Products SG iron (Ductile) Iron Castings With Machining
  Maximum box size(mm) Various sizes available.
  Max, Good casting weight 450 kgs
  Production Capacity – (Tons/Year) 1200 Tons/Year
  Molding Technology Co2 Sand Molding, Furan Sand molding and Shell molding.
  Melting Induction Furnace - 500 kg. 1 Nos & 300 kg 1 Nos - 250KW - Medium frequency
Molding Line Jolting and hand molding machines
  Core Making Furan Sand and shell molding
Testing Equipments Spectrometer, UTM, Image analyzer, Brinell hardness tester,
  No. of Employees 40 (For Full Capacity)
MELTING: Pre weighed additions of raw materials. Pre weighed additions of chemicals.   Grade wise additions of runners and risers. CE meter to check CE, Si and CARBON with computerized analysis. On line Temperature controller for melt temperature checking and display on shop floor.  Chemical analysis checking on Spectro in 18 seconds and a large size display on shop floor for effective communication all concerned.  Pouring time control thro Timer and Hooter system in the shop floor for Mg treated metal of Ductile / SG iron.  Solidification time control with dedicated cooling line as per the hardness and micro requirement. CORE SHOP Cores made from Co2 sand, Furan and Shell sand Prepared sand test laboratory third party Core dimensional control through core box frequency checks. Core handling through trolleys and trays. SHOT BLASTING FETTLING & FINISHING Shot blasting is Sub contracted. Fettling and finishing with latest equipments. Comparative samples for visual acceptance. Controlled environmental Primer and painting as per casting requirement. Packing and dispatch as per customer requirements.
Annual Capacity:             PHASE I : 1200 Tons             PHASE II : 1900 Tons  Maximum Weight per Casting:             Shell Molding min -0.250grams Max- 19 kg.             Hand Molding min-10 kg Max- 450kgs. Fully finished Castings with Machining    20,000 Sqft built area for all the Foundry operations under one roof.